The Worts of Wisdom Mailing List and Slack

Get updates about Worts events, join the home-brew discussions, or be a fly on the wall. Send your request to join via the Contacts Us page, and you will be added to the Mailing List and Slack.

Join The Club!

Want to join the Worts of Wisdom? Stop by one or more of our monthly meetings and check out the club. If you want to become a member, you can sign up there – there is no obligation.

The yearly dues are $30 for individuals and $45 per family. The dues are prorated by 1/2 starting in July for first-time members. Pay through PayPal on the sidebar to the right, and please pay as a Friend so we get all the dues.

Your WoW membership includes:

  • Discounts for brewing supplies at local Bay Area suppliers
  • T-shirt (when available)
  • Invitations to exclusive club events
  • The admiration of your fellow home brewers and the envy of all your friends

WoW membership dues are used for club registration with the American Homebrewer’s Association (AHA), event planning/coordination, brewing test kits, t-shirts, and other club-related materials.

American Homebrewers Association

AHA is a national organization which home-brew clubs are associated with. You may consider becoming an AHA member, but there is no requirement.   With your AHA membership, you can get discounts on brewing supplies, food, and beverages at participating retailers/craft breweries as well tips, recipes, and numerous other benefits. Sign up to be an AHA member today! <>